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Washroom Feminine Hygiene Care Solutions

A hygienically safe way of disposal of used sanitary napkins.

Pedal operated units are installed in the ladies washroom.

The used sanitary napkin has to be placed on the cavity in the lid which opens when the pedal is pushed down by the foot.

The napkin drops down into the unit once the pedal is released.

The unit has a bio - degradable liner with a germicidal in it.

The vapors emitted by the germicidal in the unit destroy the bacteria on the sanitary napkin, thereby eliminating the possibility of odor.

The germicidal is active for a period of 6 weeks, but at the end of 4 weeks our personnel remove the liner and replace it with a fresh liner and a new sachet of the germicidal, but not before sanitizing the unit by spraying it with the disinfectant and wiping it with a microfiber pad thus completing one service and beginning with the next service.

The unit remains the property of Shamrock FMS and only a service charge is levied depending upon the frequency of services.