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Equipment is designed as per the presently prevailing European Standards.
All the exposed roof equipment is either M.S. hot dip galvanized or Aluminum alloy or Stainless steel. This gives an equipment life of more than 20 years.
All fixings to the Building are done using Hardened Stainless Steel Bolts.
All cradles and access systems will be designed for safe working load of 180 kgs. 

Cradles will be provided with winches having IP 55 enclosures. This means the winches are dust proof and their will be no water ingress. 

Cradles will be provided with two brakes,one on each side. The brakes will have a rope passing through them. In case of any damage to main ropes or sudden fall of the cradle, the brakes will apply and the cradle will be prevented from free fall. 

Cradle is provided with buffering on the glass side. This is to prevent the metal parts of the Cradle from hitting the glass facade. 

Also provided in the Cradle are Power Spring Reelers. They wind as the cradle goes up, to prevent free hanging of ropes which otherwise can damage the glass.

Also provided in the Winches is arrangement for manual lowering of the cradle in case of power failure. The Cradle can be lowered at slow speed by the operatives. 

Provided below the Cradle is a full length rod with micro stop switches. In case any of the windows are open, the cradle will stop on touching the rod to the window. 

Also provided are the Micro switches above the cradle with striking plates. This prevents the Cradle from over travel in upward direction. 

Cradle is also provided with an anchorage point. This is in order for operatives to fix their safety harnesses. 

Emergency stop button on each of the winches will be provided. 

The Chemical anchorages will be of plated finish.

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