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General Trade Contract

Cleaning: Responsibility of maintaining cleanliness on the site


Debris Movement : Shifting of debris from floor level to designated areas with the help of appropriate equipments and then moving them to dumpers with Excavators &Back a hoe loaders to be dumped outside the corporation limits or where ever specified by local authorities

Hygiene & Safety : Management Deployment of Qualified Safety Managers & Crews with proper safety plans and documentation along with certified sanitary inspectors to manage hygiene on site.

Deployment of heavy duty equipments as illustrated below JCB : earth movers. Hydra crane - movement of heavy materials at the site. Forklift - shifting of materials. Pallet trolleys - Movement of materials by manual with the help of labours. Sewage Tanker - Removal of waste water.

Material Movement trolleys
Carpentry work
: Providing skilled carpenters whenever required for improvised carpentry work.
Plumbing work: Provided plumbing support for proper maintenance of portable toilets.
Manpower: Supervisors, Site in charge, Skilled & Unskilled Labourerswith proper personal protective equipments